Journey 343: Dinner & Christmas Shopping with Oliver

This year I decided to take each of my five grandchildren out individually for an evening of dinner and shopping. It gives the kids the opportunity to select gifts for their immediate family members and allows me precious one on one time with them. Tonight Oliver and I launched the dinner and shopping with Yaya tradition. 


Oliver chose Chik-Fil-A for dinner. We chatted about school, family, friends, and the boy who threw up in class today.  

Shopping got underway at Toys R Us, where Oliver picked out gifts for his siblings. A boy has to have a little fun in the midst of thinking about others.  

This adventurous kid can’t resist jumping through such an inviting structure. 

Perfect landing. 



We had a fun evening, Oliver and I. He made great selections for his family. I loved the thought he put into his choices and his obvious delight in having surprises to put under the tree. He even picked out the gift bags and the two huge bows for Joey’s and Aubrey’s presents. One grandchild has completed his shopping. Four more to go. I love this time of year! 


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