Journey 355: Being Light

The Winter Solstice occurred today, marking the end of autumn with the year’s shortest day and longest night. As I moved through the first winter day, I thought about what it means to be Light, and bring Light to the world. 


For me, I am being Light when I am being fully myself, the shining person I am created to be. As I completely occupy my own Cindy-shaped space, with a heart full of love and joy, I cannot help but allow the Light within me, the Light of the Divine, to spill forth. 

I don’t have to manufacture light. I don’t create it by focusing on being light. I allow Light to shine simply by enjoying who I am, quirks, gifts, scars and all. And by recognizing my connection to God, who also enjoys who I am. I focus on keeping my heart clear of negative, stagnant or low energy. I do the work necessary to free myself from fear, envy, hurt and anger. Everything else takes care of itself. An open heart allows Light and Love to flow, unimpeded. 

And then amazing things happen on my journey, as I am being. Because Light illuminates. It dispels darkness. Light attracts. It warms. Light brings clarity into my life and ignites my intuition, which raises my awareness. My path is Lighted as I journey. 
Today, as I was thinking of what it means to be Light, I emailed a client, who is also a friend, to tell him about a possible offer coming in on his property. I concluded the email with this sentence, “Perhaps a Christmas miracle is at work.” I was honestly baffled why I wrote that. It seemed a bit over the top, when sharing about an offer. Yet I felt strongly those were the right words to send. 

He immediately responded with “Well yes, I’ll take any Christmas miracle!” And proceeded to write that doctors had just discovered that his daughter has a brain tumor. Surgery is scheduled for Christmas Eve day in another city. He asked for prayers. I understood why I typed the words that I had and I’m grateful that I left them in the email. It opened communication between us, offered hope, and allows me to surround my client, his family and his daughter with prayers and Light. 

I am being Light. Or perhaps more correctly, I am allowing Light to flow through me. As I journey, I gaze inward often to keep my heart clear, and then get out of the way. I’m grateful, on this short day, that my thoughts, my attention, my heart, were drawn to the Light as well. Let there be Light…in me. 


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