Journey 357: All is Bright

Today was one of those days that just flowed, and I flowed with it. It was a long day, with twists and turns and little delightful surprises that make me so appreciate my life and all the goodness in it. 


My day began with a closing in another town, the final one for me in 2015. It’s been a good year in real estate and I’m grateful for amazing clients and transactions. What a great way to close out the year, with a transaction between gracious buyers and sellers who worked well with me and each other. I appreciate the agent who sent these buyers to me as a referral. What an honor to take care of clients entrusted to me by a fellow realtor that I respect. 

The rest of the day was filled with glimpses of beauty, such as Blanket Flowers still in bloom in my garden during this mild December. And moments of joy and fun. 

Grandsons Dayan and Jonathan helped me make fudge this afternoon while we chatted about what’s going on most recently in their lives. They made peanut butter and chocolate varieties while I supervised. Jonathan was the official taster of the finished product. 
Granddaughter Aubrey got a play date this evening with her BFF/cousin London. The girls shared gifts, laughter, pizza and dances, while I had an opportunity to visit with my sister, mom and nephew. London’s little sister Aralyn joined the older girls for playtime, and she busied herself between the big girls in the playroom and the adults visiting in the living room. Aralyn called me Yaya for the first time tonight, and liking that new sound, called out to me repeatedly with a smile on her sweet face. 


When I took Aubrey home late in the evening, I saw Oliver and Joey, making the count 5/5 for grandchildren today. The boys were ready for bed, sweet and sleepy, and although they are eight and nine years old, I couldn’t resist hugs and cuddles. We talked about Christmas and whispered I love you’s before I headed home. 

While making a pizza run earlier, for the little group gathered at my sister’s house, I was stopped on a dark side street, waiting for traffic to clear. My eyes were drawn upwards, to a beautiful sight. The nearly full moon was emerging from a bank of puffy clouds illuminated by the reflected lunar glow. It stirred my heart. How magical, that sight. How mystical, and deeply meaningful, is this time of year. 

I forgot about the cars whizzing by, completely captivated by the Christmas moon. I rolled my window down to take a picture, the fresh breeze stirring around me, lifting my hair, caressing my face. What a magnificent day, full of treasured connections. In that hushed night, the busy street now deserted, I felt the Divine present in that full and poignant moment, and I felt gratitude, peace and wonder. 

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.”