Surrender 5: Just Around the River Bend

I’m calling it today, my theme song for 2016. I asked during the month of December, “What is my song for next year?” Sometimes, I know before the end of the year…and sometimes I don’t. The song is usually the last component to be added to my theme for the new year. 


I love music. When I’m alone in the car or cleaning house or cooking, I have music playing on my iPod or iPhone. Soundtracks are my favorites to listen to. So it’s not surprising that I get my own song each year to accompany my word. 

I came across the mention of a song, Just Around the River Bend, from Disney’s animated  film Pocahontas, while reading an article online. My awareness perked up and I listened to the song on YouTube. I liked the song…yet I wasn’t sure. And what was it with me and songs from animated features? Two years ago my song was Let it Go, from Frozen. 

                      Just Around the River Bend

So I asked for confirmation that this was the perfect song, and delayed claiming it. In this year of surrender, I could allow the right song to come to me, at the right time. 

Two weeks have passed. I haven’t received confirmation in the form of seeing the words River Bend written anywhere. Nor have I seen clips unexpectedly of this older Disney movie. However, today I realized that I am humming and singing this song all the time. I’ve woken up with the song playing in my head. While driving I’ll suddenly realize I’ve been humming it. I can’t get the song out of my mind, after listening to it only once two weeks ago! 

Today I was reminded of a time years ago, when I had asked the Divine what my soul name could be. What name captured who I was becoming, who I was growing into? A word, Mithril, the valuable, strong, silvery substance from Middle-earth, kept popping into my mind. I’d think “That’s odd!” and push it away. I kept asking. I kept hearing the word Mithril. It took three weeks before I made the connection. Ohhh….my soul name is Mithril. 

It only took two weeks to get it this time! Just Around the River Bend is my song. I think I initially passed on it because a few lines of the song don’t quite fit, but the concept does. Pocahontas is choosing between living a safe life…or an adventurous life. I can relate to that. 


Here are some of the lyrics:

What I love most about rivers is, You can’t step in the same river twice. The water’s always changing, always flowing. But people, I guess, can’t live like that, We all must pay a price. To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing. 

What’s around the river bend. Waiting just around the river bend. 

I look once more just around the river bend, Beyond the shore somewhere past the sea. Don’t know what for, why do all my dreams extend

Just around the river bend, just around the river bend. 

Should I choose the smoothest course, Steady as the beating drum? Is all my dreaming at an end? Or do you still wait for me, Dream Giver

Just around the river bend?

This morning I listened again to the song, my heart and mind open, no resistance. At the end, as Pocahontas sang, Or do you still wait for me, Dream Giver, just around the river bend, my eyes filled with tears and my heart began to beat faster. 

Yes. Oh yes, Dream Giver, I hear your call, just around the river bend. I’m listening. Thank you, for giving me this, the perfect song. 


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