Surrender 12: Cinzetti’s

I drove back to Kansas City today, to pick up Greg, who spent six days there house painting for his cousin Tim. To celebrate my birthday, Greg and I, and Tim and his wife Lisa, ate dinner at Cinzetti’s, a buffet style Italian restaurant in Overland Park. I was happy to surrender to this idea. Greg has enjoyed eating at Cinzetti’s before and I was excited to try a new-to-me restaurant. Plus, I’ve never experienced a buffet that is exclusively Italian. 

I was not disappointed. Cinzetti’s buffet includes 80 made fresh daily dishes. There was a salad bar, pizza bar, a pasta buffet and specialties such as eggplant parmigiana and breaded zucchini. And lastly, there was a scrumptious dessert bar featuring a variety of crepes prepared as you watched. 

 Although I didn’t sample all 80 dishes, I had a difficult time choosing among so many delectable offerings. So I tried a spoonful of this pasta dish, and another of that one. I tried the vegetable lasagna, which was excellent, and of all things, glazed carrots, which were incredibly good. 


Although the crepes looked wonderful, I was too full to do them justice. I had a small bowl of bread pudding with vanilla cream sauce. It was the perfect finale to a wonderful meal. I appreciate the Moores…Greg, Tim and Lisa…for selecting such a delightful restaurant. 

This is how good it was…as Greg and I left Kansas City, heading back toward Joplin, we decided 2 1/2 hours wasn’t such a bad drive. We just might pop up soon for lunch, a long leisurely lunch, at Cinzetti’s.