Surrender 27: Creating a Collage of Ideas

Tonight my sister Linda, my mom, and I met to continue working on our vision boards. We had a special guest, my grandson Dayan, who joined us before heading to his Wednesday night youth group. He elected to sketch, while the rest of us flipped through magazines, in search of inspiration for our boards. 


This is the furthest I’ve traveled into a new year, without having a board up. Yet I’m finding I’m okay with that, and totally surrendered to the process, no matter how long it takes. As in life, it’s the journey, not the destination, that is important. We’ve set next Wednesday as the completion date, however we will all continue on if we don’t finish by then. 


I enjoy casting a vision with my family members. Dayan joined in on the lively conversations while he sketched landmarks of Egypt and we cut out images. We discussed everything from current world events, to politics, to celebrities. I appreciate that in my family, everyone is allowed to share their thoughts and ideas, without judgment or correction. It makes for interesting conversations, covering a broad range of topics, with our chatting punctuated by frequent laughter. 

As we finished up for the evening, both working on the vision boards and talking animatedly, I had a realization. Our varied ideas and beliefs join together to form a colorful and fascinating collage, as unique as the boards we are creating. And like the boards, that collage of expressed individuality  is a current snapshot of where we presently are in our journeys. A few years down the road, and the collective, figurative vision board will shift, as we each shift and grow. 

It might be fun next Wednesday, when the four of us gather again, to have Dayan transform our conversations into an idea and belief collage. What a great reminder it would be of the value and uniqueness of each person and the solidarity and strength of family. 


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