Surrender 36: Happy Birthday Josh

This year, I’ve surrendered to an idea that came to me, to honor each person in my family on his or her birthday. Parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, both “regular” and “great”, all will be celebrated on the anniversary of their entrance into the world, or on the day of the birthday party, whichever arrives first! 

I kicked off the year, with the first birthday, followed by great-niece Aralyn. And I just this moment realized I missed her daddy, my nephew Eric, whose birthday was three days after mine! Watch for a belated birthday post. My son-in-law Josh leads off the February birthdays. Today is his actual birthday. 


Josh is married to my daughter Elissa. However, I’ve known him all of his life. When I met his parents for the first time, Deb was pregnant with her first born, Josh. Mike and Deb moved to Pittsburg, KS and a few years later, Greg and I moved to Joplin. We saw the Adam family often, and their four children and our three would play together. Elissa and Josh, being the eldest of the kids, have hung out since they were children. 

Elissa and Josh each have a son from their first marriages, Dayan and Jonathan. When they married a little over a year ago, after reconnecting and dating for several years, they brought their hearts and their boys into a beautiful new family. 


I love and appreciate Josh. He is steady and dependable, low key and quiet, yet when he shares, he has something worthwhile to say. He works hard, helps around the house, cooks. Josh is a wonderful husband to my daughter, and an excellent dad to Jonathan and stepdad to Dayan. 


And while he’s not normally one to be the center of attention, he certainly knows how to have fun! I love when my whole family is gathered. Watching my adult children and their sweethearts laughing, joking, and chatting animatedly together brings great joy to my heart and a smile to my face.

I’m thankful for Josh and this opportunity to express my gratitude for his strength, his character and values, and his kind and generous heart. Who would have known, years ago, that this charming boy would one day become a son? I’m so glad he’s part of my family. Happy birthday Josh! I love you!