Surrender 57: Games, Minions & Silly String

Today I picked up grandson Oliver from school and hung out with him until his mom got home from work. There’s nothing unusual about picking him up, except that for the first time, I only picked up Oliver from school. Aubrey was with her mom today. Joey had an overnight event. It was just Ollie and me this afternoon. After he thought about that a moment, realization dawned. He, and he alone, got to decide what we would do. He liked that!


Oliver opted for stopping at Casey’s on the way home, for a snack and a slushie. As we ate, at the house, we played his favorite card game, which involved sharp eyes and quick reflexes. He won! 

After building a mini fort on the sofa, we sat together while Oliver played Clash of Clans, a video game. All my grandkids know I’m not talented at playing electronic games, but I enjoying observing them as they play. I watched Oliver’s sweet face become a study in concentration as he intently focused on his next move. 


When he tired of his fighting clansmen, we giggled our way through the Minions movie. I had not seen this animated film and I enjoyed watching these endearing yellow beings and hearing Ollie laugh during his favorite scenes. Although the minions have been in two other movies, this one focuses on their “history”, from the beginning of time, until they meet a certain despicable person. It was great fun.

This charming boy and I talked this afternoon. Being the middle child, he sometimes doesn’t see his own talents, focusing instead on his older or younger sibling. He is gifted, and in more ways than running fast, jumping high, and climbing any tall object. One of his talents that impresses me is his ability to create amazing photos. 

I spent a couple of hours last Monday with Aubrey and Oliver while Joey had a dental appointment. When my son got home, he joined us in the backyard, playing with the kids and giving them rides on his broad shoulders. I took a picture of Oliver and Nate, that captures a fun moment. 


When it was Aubrey’s turn to climb on Nate’s shoulders, I handed my phone to Oliver and let him take pictures. His photo far exceeds mine in composition. He has such a creative eye. I look forward to seeing what he does with his gift. 
 Oliver’s amazing photo.  

As Megan neared home, Oliver and I headed outdoors into the chilly late afternoon air for one last activity. Some might question my decision to buy an eight year old boy a can of silly string, however I included it in our purchases at Casey’s so he could try it. What fun he had, especially when he silly stringed his Yaya! My only regrets were that I didn’t get a picture of the pink string shooting toward me…and that I didn’t have my own can of silly string. I would have gotten that boy back! 


We had a great afternoon together, Oliver and I. I love having all my grandkids together. And I love having one on one time with them as well. When there’s no one to take turns with, when you don’t have to wait to tell a story, it allows for a time of deeper connection.  I can listen with my full, undivided attention. I can learn more about that child. I can be shot with pink silly string. These times are precious to me. 

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