Surrender 70: International Bagpipe Day

I love these unusual holidays, especially after a long day of taking care of other matters. I was in continuing education classes all day today, as I will be tomorrow. And while our instructor, Paul, is entertaining as well as informative, I looked for something else beside real estate laws and codes to write about tonight. 

There are several bizarre holidays for March 10, including International Day of Awesomeness, World Kidney Day, Festival of Life in the Cracks Day and even Landline Telephone Day. These are all great reasons to celebrate. But then I saw the holiday that captured my heart…International Bagpipe Day. How could I not celebrate the bagpipe!

International Bagpipe Day is now a well established and popular event. Every March 10th pipers are encouraged to go out and play their pipes…anywhere, anyhow, to anyone!

Bagpipes were heard around the world today, ranging from performances in Glasgow and Stonehenge, to gatherings in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. On their International Bagpipe Day Facebook Page I saw planned events in unexpected places such as Iran, Greece, Russia, Texas, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Belgium. Men, women and youth participated. This truly was a global celebration. 

Continuing on from the success of the first International Bagpipe Day in 2012, March 10th was chosen to be a day to celebrate the world’s bagpipes and piping traditions. With over 130 different kinds of bagpipes played worldwide, pipers everywhere are invited to organize local events such as talks, lectures, school visits, museum events, pipers’ picnics, concerts, gigs, ceilidhs and folk bals.

I intend to have a bagpipe lesson someday. Until then, I enjoy listening to my collection of Celtic CDs and iPod playlists. For me, the haunting sound of the bagpipes is beautiful. My heart stirs and I feel such a deep longing for Scotland as the unique sounds touch my soul. 

I wore my Scotland hoodie today, the one I purchased in Edinburgh, in honor of International Bagpipe Day. I listened to the pipers of Red Hot Chilli Pipers in my car. I looked through the photos from around the world on IBD’s Facebook page and listened to a bagpipe playlist on YouTube. 

And when I had breaks during CE class, after checking messages and responding to clients, I sat staring out the window, dreaming of my ancestral home. I’m grateful for this special day. 

Listen to one of my favorite bagpipe songs here. 


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