Surrender 76: Vintage Handkerchiefs  

I confess I have a fondness for old linens. Vintage doilies, tablecloths, kitchen towels, pillowcases and hankies catch my eye at flea markets and yard sales. I have a delicate handkerchief that belonged to my great-grandma Cynthi that I cherish. And an assortment of old linens that Greg’s mother gave me years ago. 

 Grandma Cynthi’s hankie 

Image my delight recently when I discovered a stash of vintage handkerchiefs tucked away in a dresser drawer in the Arkansas house. They most likely belonged to Leta’s mother, as I never saw Mom Moore use a hankie. 

 Freshly laundered vintage hankies 

I was excited to bring this find home. I’ve been pondering what to do with them. I enjoy having vintage items on display. I appreciate the beauty of the pieces and I love the connection that I feel to the previous owners. I may temporarily store items or move them around the house, but I don’t like to keep them out of sight for long. 


Tonight I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and tried a few ideas. I tucked the handkerchiefs loosely into a ceramic pitcher, creating a frothy bouquet. 

Next I made simple no-sew rosettes. I liked the look! And they were easy to create. 

  Fold hankie in half, creating a triangle. 

 Roll up

  Starting at one end, wind into a circle 

I tried displaying the hankie rosettes in a vintage hand-blown glass pitcher. The handkerchiefs looked lovely. I think I need at least 8-10 more rosettes though. I feel sure I can find more old hankies this summer, to add to my collection. 

For now, I like the rosettes in the shallow white bowl. Over the next few days, as I have time, the vintage hankies will be featured in a new vignette on my little entry table. I’ll have fun trying out different items together, many of which have come from Arkansas, to create a fresh look for spring. Stay tuned!



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