Surrender 108: International Haiku Poetry Day

Today is Haiku Day, presenting a wonderful and fun opportunity for expressing creativity. The art known as the haiku is a Japenese poem characterized by three lines of verse containing 17 syllables. 

Line one of the haiku employs five syllables, line two uses seven, and line three completes the poem with five syllables. The haiku (pronounced high-koo) is created using sensory language to capture an emotion or image. They are often inspired by nature, a beautiful moment or a poignant experience. Being observant and appreciative of nature and of life is helpful when writing haiku.

I enjoy writing haikus. My children and I used to sit at the dining room table, creating these short poems together. When I discovered that today celebrates the haiku, I was inspired to write a couple, in honor of the occasion. 

The river inspired one of my haikus, which is very appropriate since it is my symbol for this year. 

River stills its flow

Reflecting both sky and me

We reveal our depths



My beautiful garden inspired another haiku. 

Garden awakens

Wind chime sounds gentle alarm

Life stirs in me too


These poems came together quickly. In fact, once the creativity began, they popped into my head unbidden. Little purple wildflowers, dark storm clouds, delicate China tea cups, all were fodder for haikus. My first two, shared here, were my favorites. Perhaps someday, I’ll put together a book of haiku and photography. 

For today, I had fun celebrating this ancient art form. Have you haiku’d today?