Surrender 111: Honor Society Induction

This afternoon my grandson Dayan and I had our customary Wednesday hang out time after school. We ate Chinese take out while watching episodes of Legends of Tomorrow and Broadchurch, chatting and laughing and catching up on the week’s news. As the afternoon shifted into evening however, so did our routine. Tonight I had the privilege of watching as Dayan was inducted into the National Honor Society. 

Dayan, who is a junior at Carl Junction High School, joined 58 other inductees this evening. Before tonight’s ceremony, my grandson was also elected as an officer. He will serve as the secretary of the group, throughout his senior year. 


The outgoing officers hand over responsibilities to the incoming officers during a candle lighting ceremony. The National Honor Society encourages the attributes of Character, Scholarship, Service and Leadership among its members and these qualities were discussed during the ceremony. It is very moving to watch as one candle is lit, and then the light is passed from candle to candle, symbolizing the way these exemplary teens share their light. 


After a quartet sang a couple of beautiful songs, Dr. Michael Howarth spoke. Dr. Howarth is the Director of the Missouri Southern State University Honors Program. He shared eloquently, encouraging the inductees to use the standards of the NHS and their unique gifts to build their futures, offering their talents to the world. 

Each new member of the Honor Society received a certificate of recognition. And then we all moved across the hall to enjoy cake and punch and a time of congratulating these young men and women. 

I am proud of my grandson. As I watch him nearing the end of his high school journey, I marvel at the man I see emerging. He is intelligent and goal oriented. He knows who he is and what he wants to do and the steps to take to reach the place where he wants to be. He is fun and charming and witty. And he is compassionate and fair and accepting of others. I have no doubt that this young man will go far in life, making his dreams realities. 

No matter where his life journey takes him, I also know this…I will always be his Yaya, and my love will accompany him wherever he goes. Congratulations Dayan, on an honor well deserved! 


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