Surrender 114: Day of Celebrations

In 2014, during my Year of Firsts, I discovered a handy website that listed unique holidays for each day. While I didn’t choose one to celebrate every day…that would have become a Year of Celebrations…I often checked out the list and enjoyed firsts such as Face Your Fear Day. I still refer frequently to the list. 

There were so many unique holidays listed for today’s date that I decided to see how many I could celebrate on this beautiful Saturday. Many of the events were connected, and seemed to flow into one another, which is perfect for one who is surrendered and living in that flow. 


Impossible Astronaut Day is a Doctor Who related holiday, so of course I wanted to celebrate this one.  On April 23rd, 2011, the Doctor Who episode The Impossible Astronaut premiered, starting off series 6 with mind-blowing plot twists and new monsters, the Silence. The Silence are creatures that you can’t remember seeing the second you look away from them. To combat this unusual type of warfare, The Doctor and his companions draw tally marks on their skin to remind them that they’ve had an encounter.

Connected to Doctor Who, today the new companion for the Twelfth Doctor was announced. Pearl Mackie joins Peter Capaldi when the new season begins. 

Doctor Who is a British production and many of today’s holidays are English inspired. English Language Day is a United Nations initiative, recognizing English, one of six official UN languages. The other five are celebrated on different days throughout the year. 

St. George’s Day recognizes the patron saint of England, who supposedly slew a dragon. Which explains why today is also Slay a Dragon Day. I have English heritage as well as Scottish and Irish and I enjoyed reading about St. George. I did not, however, cross paths with any dragons today. 


Talk Like Shakespeare Day falls on the date recognized as the bard’s birthday. According to my research, this date also marks Shakespeare’s death anniversary as well. As this is also Lover’s Day, who better than Will to share a few words appropriate for the day. 

Other celebrations that I worked into my day included:

Take a Chance Day, observed as I dug up 20-25 year old creeping phlox at the Arkansas house, to transplant into my garden. I truly hope it survives.

And National Lost Dog Awareness Day happened spontaneously as a stray dog appeared in my backyard while I was gardening. Fortunately his owner lives nearby and there was a happy reunion. 

There were holidays I couldn’t get to, much as I would have enjoyed them, such as Movie Theater Day and National Picnic Day. And there were celebrations I chose to pass on, such as these three:

 Who? I had to look him up. 


At the end of this joy-filled and gorgeous day, I am enjoying National Cherry Cheesecake Day and World Book Night, curled up with a tiny piece of dessert, a cup of hot tea, and the newest Dean Koontz book, Ashley Bell. 

Truthfully every day is full of moments to celebrate, recognized holidays or not. But what a fun, and full, day as I was especially mindful of today’s unique opportunities. Who knows, perhaps I will have a Year of Celebrations in the not so distant future.