Surrender 116: There’s a Light in my Minnow Bucket

This evening I had time to do something with the yard sale minnow bucket that I received. I’m all about repurposing common objects, giving them new life as they serve a new purpose. It’s fun. It’s play. It gives my creativity freedom to go wild.  

I was excited to acquire this minnow bucket. The exterior part is perfect as a metal planter in my garden. I love using metal containers of all types, grouped together, to hold an assortment of flowering plants. I have wash tubs and buckets, watering cans and tall containers, a rectangular box with handles and a red toolbox. 

Holes were drilled into the bottom of the outer bucket, so that water can drain out. I learned by trial and error, mostly error, to do this as a first step. No drainage means soggy soil which results in dead plants! 

The bucket was then filled with soil and I popped colorful verbana plants into it. This newly planted metal piece will join a group of containers on the brickio. 

My imagination immediately repurposed the interior of the minnow bucket into a candle holder. I actually have such a container already, serving as a planter. I found it in a flea market. But it is lacking a top and doesn’t have the interesting pattern of holes on the sides. This adorable version has so much cuteness going for it, including a star pattern punched on the lid. 

Watching the movie A Little Chaos, I determined to bring more candlelight into my own garden. And here came the first opportunity. I never would have guessed that a minnow bucket would bring light and joy into my backyard paradise. 

I could barely wait for the sun to set. I confess that I lit a candle within the interior while it was still daylight and checked frequently, ready to catch the glow. I was not disappointed! What a beautiful and whimsical candle holder that minnow bucket makes. I am thrilled with the look. After this next round of stormy weather passes, I will create a permanent place in the garden for my new candle holder. 

Mesmerized by the soft flickering glow emanating from the bucket, I was reminded of a childhood song. “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”  I thought too of the scripture that says don’t hide your light under a basket…but allow it to shine, giving light to others.

Don’t hide my light away. Make sure there are clear spaces for the light to shine through. I used to hide my light, or barely allow my light to shine. I tried to get by in life unnoticed. I no longer seek to be invisible. I shine, by being who I am, by expressing myself in creative ways. 

Like turning a minnow bucket into a planter and a candle holder. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…