Ask a Question, Get an Answer

June 1st brought the opportunity to reach into my glass pitcher and draw out my first creative action. These 30 “arrows of desire” were created by me, with the intention of putting actions with my desire to live a more creative life. Thirty fun activities are written on 30 slips of paper. I’ll draw one each day during the month of June. 

After a busy morning, I drew out a folded piece of paper. I wasn’t free yet to carry out the activity, but I couldn’t wait to see what the first arrow would be. 

Go for a walk in the rain. 

I was delighted…and grateful. As I wrote out the 30 actions yesterday, two of them were rainy day activities. As I folded the papers and dropped them into the glass pitcher I was aware that I was asking the Divine a question. 

Will you play with me? 

It was an important question. And I had one for me. 

Am I in the flow such that the rainy day activities will be drawn…on a rainy day? 

Thirty minutes before I drew out that slip of paper the rain began falling. I didn’t go for a long walk. In fact, my walk in the rain involved a leisurely stroll from the house to my car, my arms outstretched, my head back, a smile on my face. 

I realized the arrow I fired on this first day of June was much more far reaching than a simple creative activity. I had asked a couple of crucial questions. The answers came immediately. 

Yes…and yes. 

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