Table for One

I drew my second slip of paper, my arrow of desire, early today. I wanted to enjoy the anticipation of whatever the Divine brought to me. After stirring the folded strips of paper within the glass pitcher, I closed my eyes and selected this one: 

Eat al fresco in the garden. 

I was in high anticipation after I read today’s creative action. As the day passed, my thoughts returned again and again to dining in my gorgeous garden. I wondered if 4:00 PM was too early for dinner! 

I decided to treat myself to sushi, a simple side salad and a bowl of fresh fruit. As the sun began to sink toward the horizon, I prepared the bistro table that rests on the brickio in the garden. 

This creative project quickly transitioned to lovely and deliberate self-care. I layered linens on the table. Candles were lit in holders scattered about the brickio and in a wood and metal candelabra placed on the table top. I bent my rule about not cutting flowers in my garden, placing a few sprigs of yellow coreopsis in a milky pitcher. 

My sushi and salad were arranged on a simple white plate, with colorful berries piled in a matching white bowl. I traded a foam cup for a real glass, to hold my iced tea. As I plucked a fresh sprig of mint to add to the fruit, I smiled at the inviting setting I had arranged for myself. I felt energy surge through my chest as I took my seat. It was so serene in the garden, so beautiful. 

I was reminded of a quote by Simone Weil…

“There are only two things that pierce the human heart. One is beauty. The other is affliction.”

Oh yes. I fired an arrow of desire, and it turned and pierced my own heart. The beauty that surrounded me had certainly undone me, slipping beneath so many surface thoughts to find the true target…my unguarded heart. 

As I sat in silence, enjoying the sushi and the garden, the deeper realization came. When I decided two days ago to do a creative action every day in June, I compared the tasks to firing arrows of desire. The past two days have taught me that I really am meant to follow the arrows, and discover what the intended targets are. The creative activities are leading me to deeper truths, to a greater understanding about how life works and how the Divine desires to have an ongoing conversation with me. 

What started as a fun project has become so much more. I am reminded today that beauty awakens and stirs the heart…natural beauty and the beauty found in caring for myself in meaningful ways. I am created to appreciate beauty, and honor the beauty I see in myself and others. I see myself through the eyes of Divine love. I see you. 

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