The Great Give Away

I’ve been packing, hauling, unpacking and pricing items since 9:00 this morning. Tomorrow we are having a BIG sale at my mom’s house. Greg and I and our friend Tim spent the day working at the house in Arkansas, in preparation for tomorrow.

I knew it was going to be a loooong day. I was so grateful and amazed to draw this creative action early this morning:

Give away 10 things that I no longer enjoy. 

How perfect.

I sorted through hundreds of items, dividing them into four categories: keep, sell, give away and throw away. It was fun today to let people select items to take home.

Tim was the first one to find something that he could use! I appreciate him and all of his help today. He worked alongside Greg and I. We could not have accomplished near what we did, had it not been for Tim’s gracious assistance.

Back in Joplin, it took the combined efforts of 10 people to get ready for this massive sale tomorrow. We worked diligently in very warm temps, unpacking, pricing and arranging sale items. Eight families have come together to release items they no longer need. As is always the case with my family, we had a great deal of fun together, in spite of our weariness.

In just a few hours, the garage door will open and we will carry items out into the sunshine. We all hope to sell everything! 

This was a double target that my arrow of desire struck tonight. Clearing away items that I no longer need or enjoy allows energy to flow freely through my house. I love how uncluttered feels!

And I enjoyed gifting 10 items to others, knowing these things will have a new life elsewhere and bring fresh joy to different owners.

It’s a win-win!

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