From Tray to Wall Hanging

Now that the house in Arkansas is mostly emptied and the big sale is history, it is time to sort through the mementos that I’ve decided to keep. I don’t like to shut an interesting item away in a closet where I can’t  see it and enjoy it, so I attempt to integrate these treasures into my décor. 

Today the slip of paper that I drew was a gentle nudge to put my creative cap on and get started. I selected:

Use a vintage item in a new way. 


I have boxes of vintage items in my house at the moment! This afternoon, it became a question of which vintage item to repurpose. It didn’t take me long to settle on a wonderful old metal lap tray. Originally manufactured in the 1970s, Greg found this exact same tray in an Etsy shop online priced at $42. 

I uncovered four of these beauties. Both of my daughters took a tray home. And I have two…one to keep and one for my son or his daughter, if either would like to have it. 

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to create a tea corner in my kitchen. As I held the tray and considered how to use it in a fresh way, an idea came to mind. 

I completely cleared the table in the corner and started with a blank surface. The yellow tablecloth, which belonged to Greg’s mother, brightened the space immediately. My 3 tiered serving set normally holds the refreshments during a formal afternoon tea. It works nicely for a collection of vintage tea cups. 

Out of the cupboard came my white porcelain tea pot and a milk glass sugar bowl and creamer set. My mason jars of loose tea and wooden teaspoons completed the table top. The vintage metal tray looks gorgeous hanging on the wall and ties everything together. I can easily remove it and unfold the legs if I wish to press it back into duty as a tray. 

I love how this project turned out. My tea items are grouped together cozily and my eyes are drawn to that bright corner. I feel my spirits lift just looking at it. These vintage pretties bring me joy and make me think of Leta Moore, who was a tea drinker and shared that tradition with me

This was a great way to express creativity today. And I was reminded that I’d rather use an item than hide it away. This truth goes beyond displaying vintage pieces. I can hide aspects of myself as well, tucking away my gifts and quirks, until they are nearly forgotten or begin to fade from lack of use. My ability to sketch is an excellent example of what can happen. 

Today’s arrow of desire led me within, to my own inner closets and dusty boxes full of packed away talents. As I move through my house in the days to come, finding fresh and interesting ways to display cherished treasures, I can search inward at the same time. 

What tucked away facets of myself will I uncover? It will be exciting to discover equally fresh ways to see myself and use my gifts. 

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