The Most Overlooked Room in My House

I confess that I was strangely excited to draw this creative action today. I only have three activities that involve buying items for my house or garden. Shopping is not something I enjoy or engage in often, unless it involves buying gifts for my family. So I wasn’t sure why I included activities that required purchasing an item, but I got some insight on that today. 

I drew this slip of paper:

Buy a new shower curtain. 

Yes! Even I was a bit bemused by my reaction, but I looked forward to picking out a new shower curtain nonetheless. It was a busy day, however I took advantage of a 30 minute lull to stop by one of my favorite stores, Tuesday Morning. This shop receives close outs and overruns, every Tuesday morning, and sells them at deeply discounted prices. 

Although I was open to suggestion, I had a particular color in mind for this shower curtain. I tend to use earthy colors in my home…beige, rust, green, yellow, red…fall colors primarily. My bathroom is tiny. My house is old, built in the late 1800s. Bathrooms were not the spacious rooms then that they are in today’s newer homes. Because this small space has just enough room for the essential fixtures, I’ve used very neutral colors to help visually expand the area. 

I’m ready for a change in the bathroom, for a pop of color that makes me smile and refreshes me, while not screaming at me. The walls are painted a color called Bay Sand, which, depending on the light, can look beige, grey or pale green. The trim is bright white. 

As I stood before the selection of shower curtains in Tuesday Morning, I didn’t see the color I wanted. I had hoped for a medium turquoise or an aqua blue. I was considering between two other possibilities when I noticed  packaged curtains strewn across the bottom shelf. Digging through those, I find my curtain, the only one that was the color I desired. It was hiding from everyone else, waiting for me to claim it. 

I picked up a few hand towels and bath towels, to carry out this color change in the bathroom, along with a new rug for the floor. I left Tueday Morning very happy with my finds. 

The creative activity done, I followed this arrow of desire, to see where it led. I realized that there are two rooms in my house that I don’t really like. One is the bathroom. It’s so small, with no storage, and two doors eating up wall space. There’s a great deal of charm in my old home and many things that I love about it. But that love doesn’t extend to the bathroom. I’ve neglected it, creatively. It’s time to show it some love. 

I felt compelled to look up the symbolism for “bathroom”, which led me to interpretations for dreams about needing or using a bathroom. Interestingly, some of our silly dreams about using a toilet that’s out in the open or not being able to find a bathroom when we need one, reveal truths about ourselves. Needing a bathroom and not finding it indicates a need to eliminate distractions and pressures from life, or that you’ve postponed your own wishes for too long. It can also mean you are unable to get rid of a problem. 

Using a toilet that’s out in the open, with no stall or walls even, is symbolic of not having enough privacy or alone time. Or it can indicate that something that is very private and personal is being exposed. On the other hand, using a toilet while no privacy is offered, and not being bothered by that in your dream suggests you are a confident person with nothing to hide. 

I feel a new sense of respect for my tiny, overlooked bathroom…respect that could blossom into love. I’m excited to begin the transformation and find ways to express my creativity here without overpowering the room. 

Now I anticipate drawing the slip of paper that relates to the other unloved room in my house. I wonder what I will discover about my utility room? 

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