Something Old, Something New in the Garden

I anticipated working in the garden today. Partly cloudy skies and lower temperatures created the ideal conditions for such an endeavor. However, I was open to receiving the perfect creative activity, whether it was focused on gardening or one of the three remaining non-gardening actions.  

I reached into the glass pitcher and drew out a slip of paper with these words written on it: 

Buy/plant a flower I’ve never heard of. 

Yes! I was intending to go to the garden center this afternoon to pick up a few plants. This was, indeed, the perfect activity for today. Just as I arrived at Lowe’s Garden Shop, the dark clouds that had been piling up unburdened themselves…with great delight it seemed. I sat in the car, waiting for the torrential rain to spend itself. I felt like I was underwater, peering out through the window into a gray sea. 

In a few minutes the downpour became a gentle rain. The sun peeked out again, while I strolled around one of my happy places. So many vibrant plants grouped together have a strong, positive effect on me. I was smiling and humming as I searched for a plant that was new to me. This proved a bit more difficult than I thought it would. But at last, an unfamiliar flowering plant caught my eye. 

The Sparkler Cleome, pictured above on the left, is a fun flower! It has colorful clusters on a dense shrub like plant. As I picked up a few other plants, I noticed a subtle pleasant scent wafting from the plant. I liked this little beauty. 

At home I tucked my new flower into a vintage bucket, replacing spring annuals that were done for the season. The Sparkler Cleome is near a washtub full of baby Fireworks Flowers that I started from my own harvested seeds. It seems like the perfect pairing. 

Although not part of my creative action, I tucked portulaca into a rusty wheelbarrow that I salvaged from the Arkansas house. I love using these vintage pieces in my garden. This portulaca is a variety that has large blooms in neon pink, orange and yellow. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow after the blossoms open for the day. Best of all, I can wheel the plants around the yard, trying out different locations. 

I enjoyed my time in the garden. This space never fails to bring deep peace and joy to me. I am surrounded by beauty here. And today, I introduced a couple of fun fresh elements into my paradise. The garden is ever changing, growing and resting, surprising me with unexpected plants that pop up in new places. I learn so much about myself and my own journey out there. What an amazing classroom the garden is, in which to learn about life. 

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