Happy Birthday Cade

Today is my nephew’s birthday. He is the older son of my brother Bryan. Cade was born six weeks after the birth of my grandson Dayan, and the two boys couldn’t have looked more different! I have pictures of them together during the millennial party at my dad’s house, as 1999 slipped away and became a new decade, a new millennium. One boy had deep brown eyes and dark, straight hair. The other had bright blue eyes and fine blond hair that was just beginning to cover his head. Both boys had beautiful smiles that appeared easily. 

Dayan and Cade

Dad holding his grandson Cade and his great-grandson Dayan. The boys were turning one. 

I rarely saw Cade without a smile, as he grew from baby to toddler, little boy to young man. Oh sometimes this grins were full of mischief and other times, mirth. And sometimes they were wise, knowing little smiles as he studied the world. 

He is a teenager now, 17 years old today, and rapidly approaching adulthood. In honor of the day, I looked up Cade’s name:

Cade, you are cheerful and friendly, and likely to have an emotion-filled life. You prefer to have several lines of effort going at once. You are a good communicator and promoter, expressing yourself joyously and constructively and you seldom worry over anything. At times you can be impatient and impulsive. You have the ability to bring an idea to completion. You might have intuitive abilities that you haven’t developed yet. You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.

Dependable, down-to-earth and well grounded, you desire meaningful work, a career you can take pride in. Your main priority is to create a protected and secure environment at home and at work. You can be very determined in achieving goals and gaining objectives and you possess great organizational skills. At times you may appear stubborn and overly critical of others, but your practical approach to life and productivity makes you a valued member of your family and community. 

Those are amazing words, describing an amazing young man. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Cade, however, the teen I see displays those characteristics. Like most of the children in my family, Cade has a large blended and extended family.  He’s both a younger brother and an older brother, and he takes that role seriously, especially with his younger siblings. 

Cade participates in marathons with his grandmother, dad, stepmom and brother Fox. He enjoys movies. He’s responsible, which is good because he’s driving! He’s curious and intelligent and he was recently inducted into the National Honor Society at his high school. 

As I’ve thought about my nephew yesterday and today, in preparation for writing this birthday post, I realized I’m missing him. In not spending more time with him, I’m missing seeing who he is becoming as he finds his way in the world. I intend to remedy that. I’m looking forward to a chat in the near future, so I can hear about Cade’s plans for after high school, discover where his heart is leading him, find out if he is aware that he has intuitive ability. 

As I was wishing Cade a happy birthday on his Facebook wall this morning, I saw a post written by his stepdad on Father’s Day. I love what Joe shared. 

Cade Lauderdale you have changed so much in the last year. I see your adult soul coming out and I love what I see. You are going to be a good father yourself one of these days, I know you will by the way you love your littlest brother and sister. I love you Cade, thank you for letting me be a part of your life.

Such high praise! I see the adult emerging as the boy matures, as well. The future is bright indeed for this young man. Happy birthday Cade! I love you! 

Photograph by Cade’s mom, Stephany Christensen. 

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