Butterhead Lettuce from the Farmer’s Market

I love going to the Webb City Farmer’s Market.  The sight, and tantalizing aromas, of herbs, vegetables and fruits inspire creativity in the kitchen and strenthen my resolve to eat healthily. 

This time of year the market is open three days a week, for three hours each of those days. This afternoon the market bell rang at 4:00, announcing the start of business. I was already in line for Braker Berry Farm when the bell rang, eyeing ripe tomatoes and containers full of luscious blackberries. 

As I waited my turn to make selections at this booth, I realized the farmer’s market has the same effect on me that my garden does. It brings me joy to be among colorful fruits and vegetables, freshly cut herbs and flowers, and the chatter of people as they engage the vendors in friendly banter.  

With fresh fruits, berries and leafy green vegetables being the mainstay of my diet right now, the market is the place for me to find locally grown, nutrient dense produce. I look forward to many trips to the market in the upcoming months, trying a variety of foods as the growing season changes the harvest. 

As I waited in one line and Greg waited in another for peaches, our daughter-in-law Megan surprised us. She too was seeking fresh ingredients for her homemade bakery goodies. That’s another thing I love about the market, it’s a gathering place for people who appreciate wholesome foods. I typically run into at least one friend and find new people to chat with. 

Leaf lettuce was on my list of items to buy as well. When I made my selections, I asked for two bunches of lettuce. “Butterhead?” the vendor asked. Butterhead! Reading through the Medical Medium book, Anthony recommended this type of lettuce as being very rich in essential nutrients. I had never heard of butterhead before and now, here it was. 

My dinner tonight was made up entirely of the fresh and delicious finds from the Webb City Farmer’s Market. It was the perfect summer meal. And I feel good about supporting local farmers and growers and supporting my body as it heals. It’s a definite win/win. 

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