Healing Sunshine

A simple blog post tonight, very much in alignment with the simplified lifestyle I’m living right now, especially in my diet. Today is day 4 on my 28 day healing journey. I’m eating healthily and well on fresh raw fruits and vegetables and assorted greens. I’ve enjoyed trying out new fruit combinations for the breakfast smoothies. This morning I sipped on banana/pineapple/blueberry. And experimenting with a variety of fruits and vegetables in salads. 

Part of my daily health regiment is 15 minutes of sun bathing. Yes, it’s hot and humid outside this week. And as a gardener I spend a fair amount of time outside puttering among my plants. However, I’m enjoying and benefitting from these intentional moments in the sun, soaking up the golden rays and absorbing healing energy. 

I sat on the back steps late this afternoon, a bowl containing cut up apple slices and a couple of dates perched on my knee. The view of my garden was spectacular, peaceful and restorative. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes, expressing gratitude for the day, for the sun, for this journey. 

I’m grateful also to have been guided to this book, Medical Medium, and to Anthony William, and for the chance to heal from years of pain. I’m learning about myself as I journey, and how I’ve actually hindered my recovery by eating foods that quite literally feed inflammation producing viruses. By eating nutrient rich foods, snd taking key supplements, I’m now aiding the healing process. 

I can feel my body recovering. In only four days, my pain has decreased greatly. I can move easier, and have more flexibilty and range of motion. I’m excited to see how I feel after 28 days. How I think and feel about this healing journey is as crucial as the food I’m eating. My cells are eavesdropping on my thoughts. I learned that in a Keller Williams BOLD class. 

As I awake in the mornings, sit in the sun and go to sleep at night, I think or whisper “I am healing.” And I am. 

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  1. Amazing blog! It gives me hope! I am half way through the book and can’t wait to get started. I suffer from chronic migraines and hope it can help me. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your journey….

    1. Thank you! I just read your blog too and I love your posts. The desire to be healthy and pain free has brought us to the right people at the right time! Ill be following your journey.

      1. Thanks Cindy. It’s so nice to be surrounded with positive people. I’ve had so much feedback where people say “there is no cure to this illness”. Well that’s not good enough for me, let’s find it! Lovely to meet you 🙂

        1. I understand! Im healing from a 21 year old car accident. Drs said its just the way its going to be, Ill be in pain the rest of my life. Happy to prove them wrong!

          Lovely to meet you too! I look forward to the shared journey.

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