Keeping it Real

This is day 9 out of 28 of my healing cleanse. Although I still have several weeks to go to complete the cleanse, I have been profoundly affected by this journey. I undertook the cleanse, which involves eating raw fruits, vegetables and greens for four weeks, to heal from chronic pain. Nine days in, I can report that my pain level has greatly diminished. And not only in my left leg. All those little aches and pains I attributed to getting older have faded away as well. I feel lighter, in soul and body. 

These results are encouraging and help to spur me on. I have had no desire to return to my old eating habits. I’m discovering truths about myself as I continue this journey and I am enjoying the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in my diet. 

Until lunch time today. 

I had an extremely delicious and satisfying breakfast smoothie, made with bananas, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. I think that triple berry drink is my favorite so far. Lunch was going to be a big leafy salad with chopped up veggies. However, as I walked into the kitchen to begin preparations, I found myself pushing away from that idea. After nine days of salads, my mind said a quiet “no” to having another one. 

This is where I can trip myself up, good intentions or not. This is the slippery slope I often encounter, about a week in, when I am making healthy changes to my diet. I come up against a “no, I don’t want that”. I know if I allow myself to be pulled back into old eating patterns, I’ll slide right back into equally old habits and poorer health.  

I went inward. I could force myself to eat a salad. No discussion. No allowances. Just do it. I searched for the cause of the resistance. As I’ve learned this year, resistance means I’m moving out of the flow. The flow is where I want to be. I checked to see if I was craving anything. I wasn’t. It really came down to this…I didn’t want any lettuce, spinach or kale for lunch. It didn’t appeal to me. Considering possibilities, without judgement or being critical of myself, opened up other options. 

I created a veggie bowl, made up of celery sticks, sliced zucchini, yellow squash and cucumber, and raw asparagus spears. Half an avocado mashed up with a diced tomato and lemon juice became my healthy and flavorful dipping sauce. Lunch was amazing. And pretty to look at. Beauty is important to me, as I am nourishing my soul as well as my body. 

That pause this afternoon, to listen to my own objection and get behind the resistance, was crucial to the success of my healing journey today. I can do this. I can choose to live in a healthier way. And I can honor myself as I do so. 

Tonight, greens were back on the menu. I enjoyed a spinach, celery, basil, tomato smoothie. It was yummy!