Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

I woke up this morning thinking, I want to go for a walk today. The weather has been cooler and not quite so humid. I’m feeling good. A stroll seemed like a great idea. Throughout the day that thought that transformed into a desire was reinforced by a meme from Anthony William…

…and a quirky holiday. Today is Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. The origin of this bizarre celebration is unknown, however what a great day to go for a walk and take my pants along! 

This evening I chose to take a walk in my neighborhood. The sun was sinking, billowy clouds were piling up in the south, and a cooling breeze ensured comfortable walking conditions. My pants…a pair of jeans…and I set off to explore my changing neighborhood. Greg and his pants strolled alongside. 

Bring your pants and come along…

After 10 days on the healing cleanse, my jeans are too big. That’s an acceptable side effect! 

My street was once lined with big shade trees. No more. The tornado took them all away, except for this lone survivor. 

New trees, new houses, new neighbors. This is not the neighborhood I raised my family in, rode my bike through, walked my dog in. But it is my neighborhood now. There are very few vacant lots left. I love seeing the progress. 

New construction continues. 

This contemporary new construction is replacing the house that was destroyed in 2011. It doesn’t look right on that lot. The former house was a big traditional two story home. When I walked outside immediately after the tornado, I looked toward this lot. The big green house was off of its foundation, crumpled like a dollhouse, in the street. I stood completely still, shocked. Rather than seeing the ghost of the house that was, I choose to release it. And accept this new home. 

Gorgeous evening sky. 

I walked my dog Payton late at night in the summertime. I was so familiar with the sidewalks, and their imperfections, that I didn’t need a light to see by. My feet knew the way. There are still places in the new neighborhood where the sidewalk is missing, and care needed to navigate. 

There were many flags flying in the neighborhood tonight! 

Is it the TARDIS?? I laughed so hard recreating my TARDIS pic with a dubious pretender. It wasn’t bigger on the inside…or very fresh smelling! 

This was a beautiful evening to be outside. I enjoyed the fresh air and the chance to check out new houses and visit the few that remained after the storm. As the temperatures begin cooling down late in the day, frequent walks through the neighborhood will be good for my health and connect me with my neighbors and a bright future. 

I had a wonderfully restorative walk. My pants enjoyed it too!  

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