What is This Feeling?

I wasn’t going to post a healing journey update until Monday, when I crossed the half way mark on this cleanse. However, as I was doing my free writing this morning, on day 12, I had an aha that I wanted to share. 

Tuesday of this week I realized I felt different. I was ten days into a cleanse that, as detailed by Anthony William in his book, Medical Medium, consisted of a raw fruit and veggie diet for 28 days. Something had changed! I had a difficult time putting into words what exactly had shifted. But I could feel it. 

I am lighter, having lost weight as a result of the vegan diet. However, it’s more than that. I feel lighter, cleaner on the inside. 

And I’ve done more than drop pounds. I haven’t had indigestion since I began the cleanse. Or a headache once I got past day 3. I’m sleeping deeply at night, without a sleep aid, I’m allergy and congestion free, and hydrated. I never realized how dehydrated I was, until last week. 

The numerous little aches and pains that I had are gone. Best of all, the pain level has greatly diminished in my lower back and legs . I still have some stiffness and pain in my left leg when I first wake up, or if I sit with that leg bent for too long. However my leg muscles relax more quickly and for the most part, I am pain free throughout the day. I am deeply grateful for that. 

In addition, I’m learning about my beliefs around food. The free writing I do every morning has been instrumental in going deeper into that love/hate relationship that I’ve had, and resolving issues, which is crucial for my future health. 

Finally, I have connected with others who are on a similar healing journey, by way of my blog posts and social media. There is a community of souls out there, people who are taking back their health, and thanks to Anthony, healing from a variety of diseases and disorders. I have been privileged to encounter these courageous men and women and walk with them. We encourage each other and learn.

What is this feeling? I have written that question down several times and mused aloud about what I was experiencing. So many wonderful shifts are occurring, so many positive changes. What is this? What?

As I wrote this morning, and tried to capture the differences I’m feeling, a thought arose. Very clearly the words came, This is what a healthy body feels like. 

Tears filled my eyes. 

This is what being healthy feels like. I’ve been in pain for so long. I’ve had various minor issues for so long. I had forgotten what feeling good feels like. Now, I feel light, energetic, peaceful. My body isn’t using massive amounts of energy fighting against viruses and inflammation like it was. The war on the Epstein Barr Virus and/or shingles, and inflammation, isn’t over, yet. But I am winning this battle…one step, one day at a time. 

What is this feeling? Health. 

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  1. I am so so happy for you! I am on day one and this is inspiring me as I had a wobble thinking “Is this really going to work?” Im so glad you feel lighter and so positive. God by day 28 you are going to feel on top of the world. Do you have any tips you can give me? I am feeling pretty hungry so far. Christie 🙂

    1. I felt hungry the first two days. By day three my appetite subsided. I ate BIG salads and if I got too hungry between meals, had an apple. I also had a headache the first couple of days but I haven’t had one since. I think its normal to not feel well as our bodies start releasing built up toxins. I am feeling so good now, on day 15. It is amazing. It is worth changing my eating habits for. You can do this! As you feel better it will encourage you to keep going!!

      1. Thanks Cindy. Unfortunately I have a migraine now on day 1. Pretty gutted. I think I’m going to have to modify it slightly and included some quinoa as I think it was being hungry that caused it. Not enough food and I get one. Feeling abit down now. I will follow it with raw fruits and veg but maybe include some nuts too for substance.

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