Watermelon Smoothie

Today is National Watermelon Day. It’s the perfect celebration for a hot August day, as watermelon screams “summer”! I’ve been picking up a small melon a couple of times a week, from the Webb City Farmer Market, and enjoying the juicy fruit while on the 28 day healing cleanse. Some evenings, my dinner has but nothing more than chilled chunks of watermelon. 

When I realized what today was, I decided to try using watermelon in a new way for dinner tonight. After the mishap with the watermelon mojito smoothie earlier in the week, when I failed to request no added sugar at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, I wanted to create my own version. 

I filled my blender with chunks of cold watermelon, and blended until smooth. I had to cut the chunks into smaller pieces, so that the blender worked properly. One cup of fresh strawberries, halved, was added, along with a cup of crushed ice. I blended well. 

Oh my goodness…this smoothie was delicious. Cold, creamy and frothy, the combination of watermelon and strawberries was amazing. I made enough for two smoothies, and I drank it all! 

I’ll be making watermelon smoothies again. They can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This truly was summertime in a glass. 

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