Completing Me

Continuing the countdown to the end of the healing cleanse, tonight is benefit #4 from the experience…supplements. Before this cleanse, I’ve been sporadic about taking supplements. One reason for my lackluster appreciation of them was that they often gave me indigestion. However, as I discovered with fruit…another acid producer in the past…it wasn’t the supplements causing the acid reflux. It was poor gut health. Correcting my diet has eliminated indigestion completely. I can eat fruit. And I can take supplements. 

And take them I do! Pictured above is my current aresenal for my war against the Epstein Barr and shingles viruses, which can continue to wreak havoc on the body long after the first symptoms subside. These supplements are found in the book, Medical Medium, by Anthony William. Each section of the book discusses different illnesses and has a handy list of supplements at the end of the chapters, plus a description of what the vitamins, minerals and herbs do. 

Here is a brief summary of my chosen supplements:

Cat’s Claw – herb that reduces EBV and strep A and B

Silver Hydrosol – lowers EBV viral load

Magnesium with Zinc – strenthens immune system, protects thyroid from EBV, reduces inflammation and calms nerves, supports muscles near damaged nerves

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) – strenthens the central nervous system

Licorice Root – lowers EBV and shingles production and strengthens the adrenals and kidneys

5-MTHF – strenthens the endocrine system and central nervous system 

Selenium – strenthens and protects central nervous system

L-lysine – lowers EBV load and reduces central nervous system inflammation 

Hawaiian Spirulina – rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals

Turmeric with Curcumin – strenthens endocrine and central nervous systems

In addition, each evening I drink a cup of herbal tea…lemon balm, mint, thyme or pineapple sage…using freshly picked herbs from my garden. These teas are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and support my immune system. 

Yes, it’s a lot of supplements to take each day. But I am serious about this healing journey and reclaiming my health. Many of these supplements were new to me. I have a daily routine for making sure I consume them all. I wrote codes on the bottles until I got the habit down. 1×3 means “take 1 tablet 3 times a day”. I know which ones to take with food (most of them), and which one to take first thing, on an empty stomach.

I feel amazing. I haven’t felt this wonderful, this whole, in at least 21 years. And I believe the supplements are contributing to my health, primarily by eradicating viruses and inflammation. I know that the day I began taking Vitamin B12, which I had never taken before, my energy soared and I began sleeping deeply at night. 

I looked up the word “supplement”. It originates from the Latin word “supplere” which means “to fill, complete”. Today it means “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it”. These healthy additions to my diet do just that…they are enhancing my healing. The are, quite literally, completing me.