As I prepared to share benefit #2 from the 28 day healing cleanse, I debated between two possibilities. Then I realized they both fit within the area of relationships. One has to do with the extraordinary people I’ve connected with on this journey. And the other revolves around the shift I’ve had in my relationship with food. 

As I’ve shared my healing journey, I have encountered others who are on similar paths. Through my blog, and social media sites such as Instagram, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with health conscious people all over the world. 

Like me, these dear ones are taking back their health by changing their diets to a plant based one, and eliminating inflammation feeding foods such as sugar, dairy and gluten. They are healing from migraines, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Those who are farther along in their journeys offer encouragement and suggestions to me by way of comments, pictures of yummy smoothies, salads and juices, and great recipes. I can, in turn, reach out to those who are just beginning the cleanse or who are considering it, and share my experiences so far. 

An amazing community of like hearted, like minded people exists out there. And I am grateful to walk alongside, learning and sharing and growing. 

My other relationship shift during the last 28 days has been with food. I enjoy a good meal. No one has ever accused me of being a picky eater. However, I have often rewarded myself with a treat, or eaten something that I knew wasn’t good for my health, in exchange for comfort or a temporary craving fix. I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition, and yet I have chosen to ignore what I know. 

As I focused on healthy eating, I coupled the cleanse with free writing in the mornings. This was a fresh approach for me. Writing allowed me to explore what I feel around food and go deeper into that relationship without beating myself up about it. I also examined my beliefs about my ability to heal from chronic pain. 

I would never use inferior or contaminated gasoline in my car, and expect it to operate well. The poor quality of the fuel would result in poor functionality and eventually lead to malfunction and ultimately engine failure. And yet, I have done that very thing to my body, that is fearfully and wonderfully made. I have fed on poor quality “fuel”, and the consequences have been accumulating malfunctions and dis-ease.

No more. Realizing the importance of eliminating the crud from my diet and eating fresh, whole foods, I am committed to learning what best fuels my body and keeps me at an optimal level, and then consuming that food. I’m not ready to label myself a vegetarian or a vegan, but I am heartily ready to do whatever it takes to feel my best. 

I am excited in the days and weeks ahead to prepare foods in new ways, incorporating fresh fruits and veggies in every meal. After the cleanse I’ll be including brown rice, cooked veggies, small amounts of olive oil, nuts and legumes. This is my chosen lifestyle. I am embracing it. 

These relationships, with others walking beside me, and with healthy food, help to guarantee the success of my continuing journey. I will respect and cultivate both. 

This quote by Aart Khurana sums up my thoughts well.