Healthy Alternative to Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is an American “thing”. While I was in Scotland, the waiters would wrinkle up their noses and make sounds of disgust if I asked for this kind of salad dressing. Here we slather it on our salads and dip veggies, french fries and fish into it. Although I like ranch dressing, it is most definitely not a healthy choice for me.  

The white dressing so many love is full of dairy products and sugar and non food additives with strange names like  Disodium Phosphate and Sorbic Acid.  I don’t want that stuff in my healing body. Yet I confess, I have missed the dressing. I was thrilled, therefore, to find a real food, dairy free, sugar free ranch dressing that I could easily make fresh at home. 

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I started the cashews soaking last night. Today I drained and rinsed the nuts and combining all of the ingredients in the blender, mixed until smooth. 

The dressing/dip smelled wonderful, thanks to the dill. But how would a dressing with cashews as its base taste? 

I chilled the mixture for a couple of hours. While I was chopping veggies for a simple stir fry tonight, I sampled the ranch dressing, scooping it up with baby carrots. It was wonderful! The freshly squeezed lemon juice and dill blended to create a savory, tangy dressing. I never would have guessed that there were cashews in the mix, if I had not made the dressing. I couldn’t taste cashews at all. 

I love this real food ranch dressing, that is full of flavor and goodness, without additives or any of the foods on my “no” list. I look forward to trying it with my lunch salad tomorrow and discovering other uses for it as a dipping sauce. 

Home made roasted potato fries, anyone?