Super Bowls

I realized this evening that all of my meals today were nestled within a bowl. I started my morning with my usual celery juice, consumed from a glass, however from that point forward, bowls held my food. 

I tried a smoothie bowl for the first time this morning. I have a fruit smoothie every day for breakfast. It is convenient to take my morning smoothie with me if I have early appointments. Today I had time to sample the smoothie in a fresh way, as I’ve seen pictured on Instagram. I appreciate the community of health conscious sojourners that encourage one another on that social media site.  (Connect with me there. I’m cindylauderdalemoore)

After blending  together a banana, peach and wild blueberries, I poured the mixture into a bowl. That’s the smoothie part. I added sliced banana, sliced strawberries, more blueberries and chia seeds. This was an excellent cold and fruity breakfast, eaten with a spoon. What I will love about this treat is the huge variety of  bowls possible. And creating breakfast in this way engages my creative side. I can make the meal pretty. 

Lunch was a fresh salad in a bowl…tomatos, cucumber, carrots, celery and avocado on a bed of mixed greens. The salad dressing I made yesterday was a tasty addition to my salad. I didn’t snap a picture. 

This evening I enjoyed another meal in a bowl. Commonly called a Buddha bowl or hippie bowl (my favorite term!), this is a simple and nutritious meal. Like the smoothie bowl, there are endless possibilities for combining raw and cooked food to create a healthy and appealing meal. 

I filled my bowl with brown rice, stir fried veggies left over from last night, black beans and fresh diced tomatoes. This colorful meal tasted as good as it looked. The simplicity of the food and the preparation of it created a deep awareness of how I am nuturing myself. 

Because it is important to me, I looked up the symbolism of the bowl. The bowl symbolizes receptivity, wisdom and the gift of seeing the bigger picture. A bowl of food represents the ability to nurture and sustain myself and others. 

I love that. Nurturing and sustaining myself and others is perfectly aligned with my healing journey. The bowl just became my favorite way to enjoy a meal. I feel inspired to collect a few more interesting bowls to dine from.