Healing Journey Six Week Update

Six weeks ago yesterday I made deliberate choices that set me on a new path. Inspired by Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium, I switched to a raw plant based diet for 28 days. I am two weeks beyond the end of that cleanse, and I have chosen to continue on with what I have come to think of as my healing journey.

The desire to heal was my motivation for the changes I’ve made…heal from chronic pain and decreasing use of my legs, after a car accident 21 years ago. The benefits from this new way of eating have gone way beyond improved functionality and lessened pain. I gave a four week update. However, I’ve continued to discover areas of healing. So a another update tonight, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Although I am no longer eating just raw food, I have continued on a plant based diet, which now includes cooked veggies and brown rice. For a short time I used the word Vegan to describe my current lifestyle, but the words plant based seem to not illicit the shocked looks that I was getting. I am still avoiding meat, dairy, sugar, soy, corn, eggs and gluten. I will continue to do so. I basically eat whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. If my food doesn’t come from a plant, I don’t eat it! 

Answers to questions that I’m being asked:

No, it has not been hard for me to switch to a plant based diet. I don’t miss the foods that I used to eat. I have no cravings. There is such a vast variety of fruits and vegetables available to eat that I am never bored with my meals. 

Yes, I am getting enough to eat and getting all the protein and nutrients that I require. I can eat as much as I want, as long as it’s plant based. I’ve researched fruits and vegetables (Anthony has a new book on foods coming out in Nov that will be extremely helpful for this and he posts daily on social media about the healing benefits of different foods) and I know what foods to include daily to get enough protein. Fruits and veggies are nutrient dense foods, and much healthier choices than the foods I used to consume. 

Yes, I plan to eat this way the rest of my life. 

No, I don’t feel deprived. Why not? Because the health benefits of eating this way encourages me to keep  going. 

And here is what an average day’s meals looks like:

Celery juice first thing every morning. 

Breakfast smoothie made from fresh fruit. This one is a banana, peach, strawberry smoothie. 

Lunch is a simple, raw salad such as this grapefruit, avocado delight. 

Afternoon  snack is fresh fruit, such as watermelon. 

Dinner is a bowl of cooked and raw veggies with brown rice. 

I finish the day with a cup of hot herbal tea and a small snack if I’m hungry. That might be raw fresh fruit, celery, dates or a handful of unsalted cashews. 

Questions about what I actually eat are my most frequent inquiries. Trust me, I am eating well and loving what I eat. I have a very healthy relationship with my food. 

And I am healthier in my body, remarkably so. I posted previously that allergies and headaches are gone, along with indigestion, aches and pains, and sleeplessness. I have high energy. And best of all, the pain in my lower back and legs  is gone, as is most of the stiffness and swelling in my left leg. I have more flexibilty and I can walk and climb stairs more easily. I continue to feel improvement daily in my left leg, and I am so grateful. 

Just yesterday I realized improvements in two other areas. I’ve had a rash on the back of my left arm for most of my life…little clusters of bumps. They are gone. And as I listened to Anthony’s radio program yesterday, about the damage that the strep virus causes in the body, I had another aha. He was sharing that we usually encounter strep as a child and suffer with sore throats, ear infections and sinus problems. He mentioned that one symptom of continued strep infection is tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. 

I’ve had severe tinnitus since childhhod. As he was talking, I suddenly realized I couldn’t hear that ever present ringing. When did my ears change? After the radio show ended, I plugged my ears with my fingers, listening. There is still a faint ringing…but it is much more quiet in there! I am still amazed. 

My healing journey continues on. I am learning so much about myself, about healthy eating, about what is possible for me as I heal. I appreciate what Anthony said at the close of his program yesterday. He isn’t trying to make anyone do anything. He is sharing information. And letting each person respond…or not…as they desire. 

I am not trying to convince anyone to change his or her diet either. The way I feel, and the knowledge I now have, would benefit others greatly. Who wouldn’t want to feel this good? However, this is a choice I have made. I willingly share my experiences in case someone else is searching for answers, like I was, and holding on to the hope that they can heal. 

I can’t make choices for others. I can only walk my journey…my healing journey…and show what is possible. I can be light. 


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  1. So pleased for you and you are doing incredibly well! You inspire me to keep on going. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon in Italy but seeing your post makes me want to get straight back on it when I get home soon. Thank you for your update 😊

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