Aviary Cafe in Springfield

Today was a great get out of town day. On this, the third day of a three day weekend, Greg wanted to check out tents at the Bass Pro complex in Springfield. We both wanted to stop by Barnes & Noble. And I wanted to find a new restaurant to try, with vegan options on the menu. 

Greg successfully found the perfect adventure tent. And I picked up a couple of books at Barnes & Noble. However, I struck out at the restaurant I had selected using Google. I didn’t take into account that on Labor Day, many restaurants would be closed. 

One of the things I appreciate about Facebook is that I can ask ask a question and someone among my friends supplies an answer. I asked for recommendations for restaurants in Springfield that had vegan options. And I immediately got responses. My friend Elesha recommended not one, but two vegan friendly choices. One of the restaurants was also closed today. But the other one, Aviary Cafe, was open. I was excited!

We had a little bit of a challenge finding the cafe, being unfamiliar with anything off the main thoroughfares in Springfield. And my phone’s GPS took us in the wrong direction. But two phone calls to Aviary and Greg’s perseverance got us there at last. 

It was worth the wait. 

I loved the classy interior. The wait staff was considerate and friendly. We dined well after lunchtime, and before the dinner crowd, however several tables were full and more diners arrived while we ate. Our charming waiter helped me customize a vegan meal by answering my questions and making suggestions. 

I began with Brussels Sprout Crispers, roasted Brussels Sprouts lightly tossed with olive oil and garlic. They were wonderful, to me! Greg, who doesn’t care for this vegetable, wasn’t a fan. 

For my meal, I enjoyed a Venetian Garden Crepe…sautéed vegetables, without cheese, rolled into a thin, perfectly browned no sugar, no gluten crepe. On the side I had a bowl of fresh fruit. Perfection. I savored my meal, eating half of it and bringing the rest home. 

I even loved the way the bill was presented at Aviary Cafe, and how often can one sincerely say that? The bill was brought tucked within a French children’s book. Guests are encouraged to draw pictures or share their thoughts on the inside cover pages. 

What a novel idea! I was happy to add a note, chronicling my first visit to this cheerful and delicious restaurant. It won’t be my last visit. In taking care of myself, and being mindful of my health, restaurants like Aviary Cafe are allies to me, partners on my healing journey. 

I highly recommend this restaurant. Thank you again Elesha, for the suggestion!

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