Easy Vegan Chili

Autumn is still a few days away, but tonight I tried a simple recipe for vegan chili. It doesn’t have to be cold outside for me to enjoy soup. I eat it year around. I’ve wanted to sample my first vegan chili for days now. A full schedule has kept me from cooking. Today’s schedule was just as full, but I was more determined. I started the chili at about 10:30 tonight. 

Easy Vegan Chili

This was indeed a simple recipe, and fun to put together. The aroma was wonderful as I sautéed vegetables and added the spices. I chose to use navy, kidney, pinto and lima beans, however the combination could be changed easily for variety. 

My soup is simmering away as I type the blog post, filling the house with spicy goodness. I’ll add the beans, snap the last photo and call it a night soon. 

I can’t wait to have a bowl of vegan chili, topped with avocado, for dinner tomorrow night!

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