Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges 

I was excited to try this recipe tonight. Once I completed the 28 day healing cleanse and added cooked veggies back into my diet, potatoes have been a staple. Several times a week I have a plain baked potato for lunch or dinner. And baked potatoes are what I order if I eat in a restaurant. I’ve come to appreciate the homey flavor, and nutrition, of a potato simply seasoned with sea salt and pepper. 

However, I’m really enjoying trying new recipes and being creative with my food. These seasoned baked potato wedges are a healthy alternative to fries. This recipe is from

The potato wedges were super easy to prepare. I used olive oil in the recipe, rather than low fat cooking spray. And I lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Foil coated with cooking spray would work too. 

Before baking. 

Oh my! These were good! I baked them for 32 minutes, without turning. I turned the oven off while I finished meal prep, allowing the wedges to remain hot. 

I partnered the potato wedges with homemade marinara sauce, a spoonful of vegan chili and half an avocado. This was the perfect Saturday night meal, and it was all plant based. 

 I realized tonight that my desire to cook more, and be creative, is manifesting now in this way. That thrills me. Put a desire out there. The Divine brings it into reality. The important thing is staying open to what shows up in my life by remaining unattached to how its all going to unfold. 

Surrender. It is an exciting way to journey. 

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