DIY Mercury Glass

We have a big event coming up this week. My daughter Adriel will marry her sweetheart, Nate, this Friday evening. I joined my girls late Saturday evening to work on centerpieces for the reception tables. Tonight we gathered to finish up wedding projects, including turning plain votive holders and a glass pumpkin into mock mercury glass. 

I love the look of mercury glass. This was a first for me, this Do It Yourself project, and I was excited to try the technique that daughter Elissa found on Pinterest. 

Here is a pictorial step by step guide:

Start with clean, clear glass pieces. 

Spritz the inside only of each glass piece with plain water. 

Immediately spray inside the damp glass container with Looking Glass Silver spray paint, available at craft stores. 

Set pieces aside to dry thoroughly. 

I did the first three pieces by myself. Greg and I then set up a system. I spritzed with water while he sprayed the silver paint. 

While we created the mercury glass look,  Elissa and Adriel worked on other projects. Nate and Dayan helped out and joined in the conversations. We all moved indoors to finish for the evening. Before I headed home, slipped back out to the garage to take pics of the completed glass. 

This DIY project turned out great! I especially love the pumpkin. I’ll create more mercury glass pieces at home soon using this simple process. 

It was a fun evening, trying something new, laughing and chatting. The decorations are done. The wedding countdown begins.  

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