Yoga for Beginners

As I have progressed in my healing journey, eliminating pain and a host of other health issues, shedding weight and the belief that I couldn’t heal, it feels like the right time to add another component to my regimen: movement. Oh, I am walking better and further than I’ve walked in a long time. However, I wanted to increase flexibity while building strength and stamina. 

Tonight I began practicing yoga again. 

Although I have taken a few yoga classes and move through poses at home occasionally, I am quite the novice. My schedule is unpredictable and varies day to day. Because of that, I’ve chosen to use Rodney Yee’s DVD at home in the evenings to guide me through a gentle 15 minute session. 

I lit candles throughout my bedroom, dimmed the lights and popped in the DVD. I am grateful for audio options that include Full Instructions, Poses Only,  and Spiritual Instructions. Until I get the poses down, I’ll stick with the full instructions. Rodney narrates while a woman demonstrates each pose. I found the session to be easy to follow and just the right length of time for me. 

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India. There is a broad variety of practices. I don’t know enough about yoga to share intelligently about it. However, I do know that breath and awareness are important, as is moving slowly into a pose and holding it, without using force. The mind, body, spirit connection is a crucial aspect of the practice. 

My yoga buddy tonight…Shy Boy. I think he fell asleep while holding a pose. 

It felt good to move through the poses. My flexibilty has been limited. Tonight I could feel just how tight my muscles are, especially in my legs. Stretching and holding a pose while breathing deeply and slowly helped to elongate and relax those muscles. Focused awareness of my body and how it was responding allowed me to release the tension in my legs, neck and shoulders. I was patient with myself and exceedingly kind. And my body responded positively, with surges of tingly energy coursing through my legs and feet.  

My intention is to make yoga a daily practice. I’m excited to experience the health benefits and deepen the connection with my body. Emily Lillian says, “Always be a work in progress.” This is the next right step in my healing journey, an addition that will increase my health and vitality and shine the light of awareness into my very core.