The Health Benefits of Oregano 

It’s been a long day. When I finally settled in at home, a cup of hot herbal tea appealed to me, as the perfect wind down drink before bed. I’ve been drinking elderberry and nettle tea, in part to help prevent seasonal allergies. That strategy has proved successful. It’s the end of October and I am still allergy free. 

Tonight I wanted to try something new. Remembering a post on Anthony’s Instagram page about the health benefits of oregano, I chose to sip on oregano tea for the first time this evening. Flashlight in hand, I strolled through my darkened garden, in search of oregano. My garden is thriving, due to unusually warm temperatures this month. I found tender young plants pushing through the mulch in the oregano patch. 

I reread Anthony’s article about the benefits of oregano while my tea steeped. 

Oregano is an ancient medical and culinary herb that is very high in antioxidants. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K and B-complex, along with potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. Oregano is powerfully antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, and it is highly beneficial in the treatment of colds, flu, viral infections, respiratory ailments, indigestion and digestive disorders. 

Oregano is known to remove poisons from the body and detox the entire lymphatic system. It also balances metabolism and strengthens the core organs of the body. This herb’s powerful antiviral abilities have been shown in the laboratory to produce a 99% kill rate of the streptococcus virus, which is the cause of many lung and throat infections. 

Wow. And I thought oregano was simply a fragrant herb that seasoned Italian foods and sauces. When I planted my herb garden three years ago, I had no idea that I was growing such powerful health boosters. I even referred to that part of my yard as the Apothecary Garden, as a nod to the early use of herbs as medicine, but I didn’t realize how true that term was. As so often happens in my life, I am guided down a certain path and the reason why is revealed later. I am so grateful that I have all of these beneficial herbs growing right outside my back door. 

The tea was amazingly fragrant. I cupped the steaming mug and inhaled deeply before I took a sip. The tea was rich with flavor. Within moments my nasal passages and sinuses felt open and tingly, and I wasn’t even stuffy. 

As a child I had many bouts of strep throat and related ear infections. Anthony teaches that this virus is not easily eradicated from the body, even with the use of antibiotics. Symptoms such as infections clear up temporarily, but the virus continues to attack the body, burrowing deeply into organs and tissues. This virus, like shingles and Epstein Barr, wreaks havoc on the body causing inflammation and a host of health issues. 

I have taken charge of my health and well being. I am following Anthony’s protocols to rid my body of these viruses that I have carried since childhood. The plant based diet I consume, the supplements I take and the fresh herbal teas I sip at night are all helping me to become virus and symptom free. 

It is a journey I am willing to take. It is a battle I am willing to fight. And, I am winning.