Vintage Santa Pitcher from Miss Daisys Attic

I took advantage of brilliant sunshine and warmer temps today, to join the merry throngs of holiday shoppers. Needing to complete my Christmas shopping, it was a necessity, and I don’t mind the crowds. Greg accompanied me, offering his services as chauffeur and package carrier. We made a day of it, grabbing lunch and visiting a variety of shops, as I crossed items off my shopping list. 

One of my stops was purely out of curiosity. Miss Daisy’s Attic is a vintage boutique offering an interesting mix of antiques, repurposed items and hand crafted pieces. The shop opened in mid October and I’ve been wanting to stop by. Located near Cracker Barrel Restaurant, at 2702 Richard Joseph Blvd, I was intentional about adding Miss Daisy’s to my list of shops to visit. 

What a beautifully arranged store. Miss Daisy’s Attic has the charming look of a boutique, rather than a flea market. The displays were well merchandised and appealing. I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the store, seeing many interesting items. I will visit again, after Christmas, and shop for myself. However, one piece caught my eye this afternoon and I couldn’t leave without it. 

This vintage Santa pitcher, made by the Japanese company TILSO, was made in the 1960s. I have a large Santa mug collection, that I display every year, and I’ve never seen this pitcher in a store before. It is a perfect addition to my collection. 

Greg’s mother unknowingly started my collection in 1977, when she gave me the three mugs pictured above. The winking Santa mug, which is another TILSO piece, was purchased in the 60s. She made the snowman mug and the Santa one in her pottery classes, sometime in the early 60s. Greg’s name is painted in gold on Santa’s stocking cap. 

This year’s mugs…the “bushy eyebrows” Santa and the motor home mugs, purchased at Target. 

I have been adding to my collection each year. Most of the mugs are representations of Santa, as I stay true to the pieces that started this tradition. However, there are also snowmen mugs, a snow angel and a shepherd among the group as well. If there is not a sticker affixed to the bottom of the mug, with the date and store name on it, I write that info on a strip of paper and drop it into the cup. 

I enjoy my mug collection. It is festive and cheerful and a connection to my late mother-in-law. As I continue to add new mugs, I will have to find a new location for displaying them, or split the collection into smaller groupings. I am delighted with my find today at Miss Daisy’s Attic. The pitcher looks great perched in the midst of the assortment of mugs. 

Greg’s mom is surely looking on with amusement, or astonishment, at what has grown from those first mugs that she gifted me with. Merry Christmas to me…from Miss Daisy’s Attic!

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