Madras Curried Lentils

Today was one of those days where things don’t go according to plan. I learned during my Year of Firsts to not sweat it when that happens. When something doesn’t come together, something else always appears. I had hoped to share the launching of my new health blog tonight. Due to a computer problem and a question I have, that I am awaiting the answer for, the new blog will have to wait another day, at least, for its unveiling. 

Inspiration whispered, “It’s all okay. Make curry instead.” 

That might become one of my mottos: When plans change, make curry!

Madras Curried Lentils, When the Day's Plans Change, Make Curry

I first tried this yummy curried lentil recipe for Christmas dinner, at my daughter’s house. It was delicious and satisfying, and I’ve been craving it since. Lentils are inexpensive, versatile and nutritious. They provide 25 grams of protein per cup, making them an important staple in a plant based diet. 

This easy recipe uses a slow cooker, for a mix it and leave it alone until dinner time experience. It is vegan, gluten and sugar free, corn and soy free. I started the slow cooker late in the day and I’ll enjoy this curry tomorrow.

Madras Curried Lentils, When the Day's Plans Change, Make CurryFrom Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Cookbook

Tomorrow, I’ll make brown rice in the electronic pressure cooker to go with the curry. Tomorrow, I’ll have an answer to my question, and proceed with creating blog number two. Tomorrow, I am open to receiving inspiration, in whatever form it takes. 

Tonight, I am enjoying the tantalizing aroma of Madras Curried Lentils, as it simmers in the slow cooker. Life is good. 

Madras Curried Lentils, When the Day's Plans Change, Make Curry

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