Soul Care Thursday

Sunday is typically my self care day, a time to focus inward while resting my body or engaging in artistic projects. However, I was physically weary today. The self care couldn’t wait until Sunday. Being a weekday, I had real estate work and writing to do. I couldn’t just spend the day in bed…or could I? To honor and restore my body, I declared today Soul Care Thursday, and made a creative executive decision about where work and writing would take place today.

Soul Care Thursday
I’m one of those people who makes the bed as soon as I get out of it. As I fluffed the pillows, I eyed the bed longingly. My mind, my body, my soul all whispered rest…rest. 

One thing I have learned during my journey, is to listen to that still small voice. If the invitation was to rest, to be restored, to move gently through the day, I wanted to accept. I didn’t have to be away from the house until late afternoon. I said yes to the invitation.

Soul Care Thursday
I began with breakfast in bed. Listening again to what I needed most, I shifted from my typical morning smoothie to a bowl of chopped oranges, bananas, apples, celery and dates, with a sprinkle of cashews. This flavorful combo not only tasted delicious, it delivered energy boosting nutrients to my tired body. I experienced the benefits immediately.

Refreshed and inspired, I moved my office/studio into the bedroom as well. Using the freshly made bed as my resting space and desk, I surrounded myself with all that I needed to write, to journal, to create and to work.

Soul Care Thursday
Soul Care Thursday
With my iPhone providing internet access and the ability to make and receive calls, I had everything I needed within reach, including a cup of hot Scottish tea and a sweet companion who eventually curled up on my lap and slept.

It was a productive morning, and a relaxing one. In between handling real estate and writing a post for the health blog, I journaled and read and colored. I set up listing appointments and scheduled showings and read two chapters in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I contemplated my heart and my journey, and snuggled Angel the cat.

The day was perfectly balanced between work and rest and creative play.

Restoration is the act of returning something to its original condition. My soul care Thursday was so restorative for my body that this unique blending of work and rest might become my new normal.

I think Angel would like more days like today too.

Soul Care Thursday
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