Being Rivendell

I have long been drawn to Rivendell, in the fictional land of Middle Earth. The dwelling place of Lord Elrond, the wisest of elves, Rivendell is a place of restoration and healing, joy and happiness, wisdom and beauty. It is a protected place, tucked into the Misty Mountains, where all may dwell in peace. 

Being Rivendell
For many years, I have desired to create such a place, an actual Rivendell, nestled on beautiful acreage with a river or lake, walking trails, cottages and an event center. At the core of this dream is the desire to create a sanctuary for the soul, a place where weary life travelers can rest, eat healthy food, walk in nature and find strength, healing and restoration for their bodies, hearts and spirits. My Rivendell would be just as protected as the elven realm, surrounded energetically by peace, love and joy. 

Being RivendellA scene from The Hobbit

Being RivendellMy own backyard Rivendell

In the years since that dream was born in my imagination, I’ve come to realize that my longing for Rivendell has found outward expressions through my creativity. My backyard paradise is a place of peace, joy and beauty. It is a protected space, where my heart and spirit can open and expand fully. 

And the vignettes that I love to assemble are another way of creating Rivendell. There is beauty in those arrangements, along with joy, repurposing, and connection to people through vintage items. The vignettes tell stories, offer hope and inspire. 

Being Rivendell
More recently, as I have journeyed onward and upward, learning, growing, shifting, releasing and opening, I have recognized that I AM Rivendell. That space of restoration, joy, peace and beauty starts within me and overflows through my heart, creating Rivendell around me. I am more and more aware that what I long to see in my external world, begins within me. My outer world is a reflection of my inner world. The desire I have for a place of peace and joy in the world, will only come forth from a place of peace and joy in me. 

Being Rivendell
This morning, I met with a client at a home. We are friends as well, although we have not been around each other for a while. After we toured the house, we stood outside in the crisp air and discussed real estate for a few minutes. As my client walked toward his car, he suddenly turned around and said, “You have such a beautiful, peaceful spirit around you.”  And he came to stand beside me, literally placing himself within my space. 

I don’t share this story to pat myself on the back. I share it because with my client, my friend, I got to offer Rivendell space, I got to be Rivendell. As a realtor, I walk with people as they buy or sell properties. However, there is more to it than that. Often they are buying or selling properties because of a shift in their lives. Sometimes they are happy changes…a marriage, a new baby, a better job. And sometimes, the reasons for the shift are less pleasant…a death, a divorce, an illness. In all circumstances, it is my desire to offer a space of peace and joy as I walk with my clients, a space where they can relax and breathe and just be. 

My client and I stood together and talked, not about real estate or the house, but about life, the journey, the challenges, and the opportunities for growth. He shared his heart with me, and allowed me to share mine with him. I was able to extend Rivendell space around us both, and in that sacred, protected space, there was peace, joy, hope and love. 

I don’t know if I will ever own the acreage with the river and walking trails through the woods, the cottages and plant based cafĂ©, but that’s okay. Rivendell exists already. It’s in the garden in my backyard, and captured within the vignettes in my home. And it is within me, flowing outward, creating a space of peace and joy. 

I am Rivendell. 

Being Rivendell

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