My First Coloring Video

I’m sharing a fun first tonight, a quick little creative project. I have had several people ask me how I create shading when I color, and give the appearance of highlights. Rather than write about the simple techniques that I use, I decided to create a short instructional video.

My First Coloring Video
I tried setting up something to hold my iPhone ¬†while it recorded my work, to no avail. I couldn’t get the right angle. Special thanks to Greg for being my cameraman and offering encouragement.

Forgive a giggle or two, and a pencil drop…I really just dove right in to this demonstration. It was fun though.

Let me know if this video was helpful! I intend to make a series of coloring videos, each one under five minutes in length, with simple techniques and suggestions. Coloring should be fun, first of all, and art according to the artist’s style and preferences.

Enjoy! Play with shading and highlights. And I’ll see you on YouTube!

My First Coloring Video


You don’t have to own expensive colored pencils. Although I often color with Prismacolor Pencils, I started out with Crayola Colored Pencils and still use them. Check out both brands below:




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