Kyle’s Birthday Wish

Today’s inspiration comes from my friend, and fellow realtor, Kyle. Both of us run our real estate businesses from Keller Williams Realty in Joplin. We’ve completed transactions together, attended BOLD classes, traveled to conventions together, and walked with each other through the loss of a mutual friend. 

Kyles Birthday Wish

Today is Kyle’s 31st birthday. I love the post he shared on a social media site this morning. Most of us welcome the birthday greetings that fill our Facebook walls, and I’m sure Kyle appreciated those as well. However, my friend made a unique request, tagging me and 93 others: 

Kyles Birthday Wish

I was in! What a great way to celebrate Kyle by helping others through random acts of kindness. With plans to be in Arkansas this afternoon, I toted along a baggie of quarters, sticky notes and scotch tape. 

After a delicious plant based lunch at a Thai restaurant in Rogers, Greg and I located a nearby laundry mat. It had the auspicious name of Happy Coin Laundry. Perfect. 

Kyles Birthday Wish

Inside I taped the plastic bag, with quarters and a note tucked inside, to a Maytag commercial washer. The note simply said, Please use these quarters! and included the phrase #passiton at the bottom. 

Kyle’s instructions were to post a pic of the random act of kindness on his Facebook wall, with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayKyle. 

Kyles Birthday Wish

I appreciate Kyle so much. When we run into each other at the office, he never fails to give me a brilliant smile and a warm hug. We have great conversations, about work, and about life. I appreciate the way this bright young man cares for his family, his clients and his colleagues. He has a heart for people and a desire to be the best possible version of himself.

Happy 31st birthday Kyle. Thank you for the awesome challenge today, to spread joy. You inspired me and others and in your name, kindness was offered. What an amazing way to celebrate life, and you! 

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