Garden Vlog

After a wonderful weekend spent working in the backyard garden, I created my first Vlog this evening. Take a walk with me through my garden, in the cool of the day!

Garden Vlog


So, after I created my first Vlog, I realized I made a ¬†mistake, thanks to a kind YouTube viewer. I didn’t film in Landscape mode, which definitely would have been better! I normally do record in that wider mode, so I am not sure what happened this evening, other than I was racing against the setting sun. Next time, I will switch to the wide angle Landscape mode.

I hope you enjoyed walking with me in my beautiful and serene garden. The plants and flowers are growing and filling in. I will do a nighttime garden stroll soon…and one later in the season so you can see how much the garden has grown and changed.

Thanks for watching!

If you missed yesterday’s post, that I referenced in the video, click the link HERE.¬†