Potato & Herb Salad

During the past few years, I’ve often expressed a desire to cook more often and learn new recipes and techniques. Ask and it is given. This is the way life works for me…I express a desire, and my outward world shifts, sometimes in totally unexpected ways, and opportunities to fulfill that intention appear.

Cooking is a creative activity for me, a way to learn new things as I play. My outward world shifted last July, as I embraced a plant based lifestyle, and all kinds of opportunities have appeared since, with invitations to prepare and cook foods in fresh, new ways.

Potato & Herb Salad
Tonight I enjoyed trying out a new recipe that I saved a week or so ago. From Anthony William, author of Medical Medium and Life Changing Foods, this savory side dish offers a healthy twist on an old summer favorite, potato salad.

Potato & Herb Salad
Using fresh herbs such as chives, parsley and dill, this potato salad is full of flavor without using sugar, dairy products or eggs.

Potato & Herb Salad
I left out the cilantro this evening, as some people don’t care for the taste. If I prepared this dish just for my consumption, I would add cilantro. I left out the optional jalapeño also, although I will try adding it next time, for a spicy kick. I did include the pinch of dried mustard.

I appreciated the inclusion of fresh dill. I love dill and inhaled the distinctive scent as I finely chopped the herb. And potatoes are an important staple on my plant based diet.

Potato & Herb Salad
Anthony shares that there are a lot of misconceptions about potatoes, which have been wrongly accused of contributing to obesity, diabetes, cancer and Candida overgrowth. It is actually the toxic oil that potatoes are often fried in and the butter, milk, cream and cheese that they are mashed with that contribute to those diseases.

Potatoes draw macro and trace minerals from the earth. They are high in potassium, B6, and amino acids, especially Lysine. Lysine is a powerful weapon against cancers, liver disease, inflammation and viruses such as shingles and Epstein Barr. Potatoes are also antifungal and antibacterial.

I often make a meal of seasoned roasted potato wedges with homemade marinara sauce, or a plain baked potato topped with sautéed veggies. Potatoes satisfy my appetite and also make me feel centered and grounded.

I sampled this easy to make potato salad before chilling it in the fridge. It was delicious, with the tang of dill and lemon, and a hint of sweetness provided by the honey. This potato dish is going to be a summer favorite!

Potato & Herb Salad
Read more about the health benefits of potatoes in Life Changing Foods. 

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