The City of Canals

I was one of those nerdy kids who liked to browse through encyclopedias and read in the dictionary. It was a great way to discover new things. That’s how I first learned about a city built on water when I was a young girl. I was fascinated that such a place existed. 

I’ve wanted to see this magical city all my life. I am so grateful that my grandson chose Italy as his graduation trip. As he has fulfilled his dream, several of mine have been realized as well. Visiting Venice has been everything I hoped it would be…and more. 

City of Canals
We have spent two glorious days exploring Venice and the neighboring island of Burano. Here are the highlights!

The City of CanalsHow do you get to a hotel in Venice? By water taxis!

The City of CanalsOur hotel, Palazzo Selvadego, was a palace built in the 1300s. It is a beautiful, historical place. 

The City of CanalsWe took a short walk from the hotel and came across our first canal, complete with a gondola. 

The City of CanalsThere are unexpected sights like this in hidden piazzas. 

The City of CanalsAnd massive, ornate, gorgeous cathedrals everywhere. 

The City of Canals

The City of CanalsThe architecture is unique and magnificent. 

The City of Canals

The City of CanalsInside the Doges Palace. 

The City of CanalsThe Bridge of Sighs. Aptly named, I discovered today, as we toured the Doges Palace and then the dungeons. The bridge leads to those dark cells, and many prisoners sighed as they crossed over the canal, knowing they might not return. Most died in prison. I caught a white orb beneath the bridge in this photo, which seemed entirely appropriate. 

The City of CanalsWe had lunch today on the neighboring island of Burano, famous for lace making, and walked through the tiny village. Burano has its own canals and brightly colored houses. 

The City of Canals

The City of CanalsPisa isn’t the only town in Italy with a leaning tower! Burano has one too. 

The City of CanalsThe lion is the symbol of Venice. They are everywhere. 

The City of CanalsThe Grand Canal of Venice is a spectacular sight. 

I am enchanted by this city. I love this city. Venice is magical, mystical, beautiful, haunting. I will share more about the city of canals after I return home. Tonight I wanted to share as many photos as possible. 

The City of Canals
We wandered the lanes and piazzas of Venice tonight, crossing over the canals on bridges, discovering new sights and new buildings to exclaim over. I wore my “I am a Dreamer” T shirt from Solgave Clothing. (Click HERE for link to their website) It seemed perfect for our last night in Venice. People noticed the shirt. And I had a conversation with a shop owner who asked me if I was indeed a dreamer. 

I am a dreamer I told him. I am here in Venice, the City of Canals, which was a long held dream of mine for many years. 

I am proof that dreams really do come true. 

The City of Canals