Together Rising Letter Writing

Last year during the holidays, I discovered a group that practices the Twelve Days of  Christmas by promoting the sending of an encouraging letter to someone each day. I loved that daily activity of pausing to gather my thoughts and then directing them toward another in need of comfort or cheer. 

Recently I was thinking about that letter writing campaign, and lo and behold, another organization asking for hand written letters was revealed. Ask…or even wonder…and you will receive. 

Together Rising Letter Writing
Together Rising, founded by author and blogger Glennon Doyle Melton, has this purpose, as stated on their website:

Together Rising offers support and assistance to people who have no where else to turn. As we give and receive we become connected to one other– understanding that sometimes people just need a little bit of help during difficult seasons of life. One of the most beautiful things about Together Rising is the remarkable number of recipients who turn around and become givers, adding their gifts to our community so that others may rise as well.

Together Rising receives requests for help every day from individuals with needs great and small. Your donations go directly to help families in crisis. Often all people need is a little help… gas money to get to the hospital, groceries to put food on the table, or shoes for kids who don’t stop growing during difficult times.

One of the ways Together Rising offers into the lives of others, I just discovered, is through writing letters of encouragement. This evening, after spending time planting and watering in my backyard garden, centering myself and opening my heart wide to the flow of love and joy, I read through a list of requests for cards or letters and picked out four people to write to. 

Together Rising Letter Writing
Kyle is an 11 year old survivor of abuse. Spencer has a painful eye condition that may result in the loss of that eye. Ben is celebrating his 100th birthday on July 31. And Bob and Cathy have had many health challenges recently as they journey together. 

I wrote encouraging notes to Bob and Cathy, and to Spencer. In Spencer’s bio it said he is so excited when he receives letters that he sleeps with them. Ben would like to receive postcards from all 50 states in the US, for his birthday. I will go to a local truck stop tomorrow and see if I can locate a Missouri postcard. 

Kyle’s story touched my heart deeply. He was sexually abused for two years by someone outside his immediate family. He is struggling, and understandably so. His parents asked for light hearted letters that do not mention the abuse. His bio says he likes animals. 

I appreciate how inspiration guides me. I began a card to Kyle without knowing exactly what I was going to write. But I began the action anyway. I wrote that I have cats…and then a funny story came to me. I shared with Kyle about the friendly possum who has let himself into my house, using the cat doors. I hope the tale brings a smile to his face and his heart. 

Tomorrow these missives of hope and encouragement will go out. I appreciate the opportunity to write, making life a little more tender for these four recipients. 

If you feel drawn to send letters to people who could use some extra love in their lives, please visit Together Rising. And then grab a pen and a stack of notecards. 

Together Rising Letter Writing