A Bohemian Lives Here

It has been a real estate day, from start to finish. And I don’t mind that. I enjoy helping people buy and sell homes. It is a privilege to walk alongside my clients. 

A busy day doesn’t take away from a creative lifestyle however. I won’t let busyness be an excuse for not writing or not creating. I just have to be…well, creative…in my creativity! 

Inspiration for a quick project came from an empty frame that I forgot I had. An empty frame is like a blank canvas to me. What could I create?

A Bohemian Lives Here
I wasn’t sure how to best use the frame, until I was looking up quotes late this evening, about the Bohemian lifestyle. I have come to realize a truth about myself. I am a Bohemian…which is a fancy word for hippie. I have always been drawn toward that free spirited, peace loving, world wandering, back to nature way of life. It has just taken me a while to fully embrace it all. 

However, I am inhabiting that space now. From the clothes I am purchasing to the food I am eating (and growing) to the releasing of a way of life that no longer fits me, I am happy to acknowledge my Bohemian self. 

A Bohemian Lives Here I’ll write more about being Bohemian in a future blog post. Tonight, I was staying open to inspiration as I clicked through quotes about the Bohemian lifestyle. And there it was. The quote above, “A gypsy lives here” caught my interest. I flipped past the quote and then returned to study it. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to make, for my empty frame. 

A Bohemian Lives Here
I gathered supplies to create with, including a page from a set of vintage encyclopedias. I carefully removed the page about gypsies to use as a background for free-hand letters that I printed across the page and then colored in with my Prismacolor pencils. 

                   A Bohemian Lives Here 

In a short time I had completed my simple art project and popped it into the frame. The saying, which I have dubbed Life Art, is already hanging on the wall of my bedroom. It makes me smile when I look at it. It tugs at my heart and soul. 

“What if…you knew, really knew, that your heart pulls you toward mystery and wonder for a purpose, and that this is its job? Follow it just once and see…            MR Gilman

I know. I really do know. I am following my heart…

A Bohemian Lives Here

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