Comfortable in My Own Skin 

It was a busy day today, in my real estate world…a full day in what has been a full week. As I was heading home this evening, my first thought was an early bedtime. My second thought was what to write about tonight. 

I checked the national holiday list. Nothing inspired me or was doable, until I saw this one:

                           National Nude Day 

I was amused by that one! And then I couldn’t get that national day out of my mind. This past spring I participated in Naked Gardening Day for the first time. Who knew there were multiple holidays that celebrate the natural human form? I had found my inspiration for the day. 

Comfortable in My Own Skin

It is interesting, the swirl of emotions around nudity. The exploitation of of women, men and children in the porn industry has skewed our views toward the human body in its natural state, which is a shame. And most definitely, people do need to be protected and cherished, rather than abused. 

I am thinking that self image and feelings of shame have more to do though with our discomfort in being naked. When we avert our eyes from our own image in the mirror after a shower, that isn’t modesty…that’s shame or self judgment. 

That’s the purpose behind this unusual holiday…to shed restrictions and beliefs along with clothes and appreciate the body au natural. 

Comfortable in My Own Skin
Comfortable in My Own Skin

While traveling in Italy, I noticed a vast difference in attitudes toward nudity. We were, quite literally, surrounded by nakedness there. Most of the sculptures and paintings that we viewed featured nude subjects so the artists’ work could be more easily seen and appreciated in the fine details of muscles and bone structures. It was an emotional experience to stand before the statue of David and see Michelangelo’s genius. Yes, David was naked…and also incredibly beautiful. The sculpture would not have the same impact if David stood before us in shepherd’s robes. At the beach in Monterosso, there were topless and nude sunbathers. Rather than being embarrassed, I loved the freedom expressed. 

I researched the health benefits of spending time sans clothing. They include:

• A better night’s sleep by reducing body temperature and restrictions caused by tight fitting pjs. 

• Smoother, healthier skin

• Increased body awareness 

• Absorption of vitamin D when nude sunbathing is practiced

• Lowering of shame and increased self image

Comfortable in My Own Skin
With all those benefits in mind, I was ready to celebrate National Nude Day. I chose to do so in my own home, in my room, with the blinds drawn. I lit candles and added Young Living Thieves Oil to the diffuser. I love that oil’s spicy scent. 

With my improved health and vitality this year, I have a renewed appreciation for my body. Is it perfect? No. Does it do the very best that it can? Yes! Even when I was not nourishing it with health giving, nutritious food, my body did its best. Now that I am caring for myself in the best possible way, it is responding beautifully with glowing skin and a more fit physique. 

I enjoyed relaxing in my bedroom tonight, au natural, reading and preparing for this blog post. And, I set up my camera for a little impromptu photo shoot. No worries. This post is entirely suitable for anyone to view. I had fun, though, reveling in my healthy body with some playful pics. 

And that, I think, was the best way to celebrate this holiday. Thoughtful research, a playful attitude and a spontaneous photo shoot were combined with sincere gratitude for my body. Happy National Nude Day!

Comfortable in My Own Skin